The Show Pet Corner. Introduction.

  •  We work for best grooming. We offer the top quality cosmetic which makes pet’s skin and coats feel healthy and beautiful.

Wampum cosmetics, made in South Africa. The line has been developed incrementally over a period of 15 years. Creators worked to make dogs look better not just in the ring but also to minimize the grooming work needed daily. The products contain oil and conditioners which make coats silky longer than just straight after the bath, while keeping skin and hair healthy and easily managed. Shampoos do not make the skin flaky or itchy. Wampum grooming products are especially formulated to be fragrance free and mild to the skin and coats. This cosmetic is safe for dogs and cats with allergies and recommended not just on the show pets.

Special One cosmetics, made in Italy. Special One has developed a hydration program which restores the natural balance of the animal’s skin and acts against its main anomalies: dry or oily skin and dandruff. The products are developed in a trichological laboratory and tested by technicians, at the grooming center of Special One before being presented to customers. The synergy of seaweed extracts and plant extracts represents an important synthesis of years of study and tests used to check the efficiency of each substance contained in formulations.

  • We work for best look and for best rest.

All our bows, beds, top-knot pillows and wrapping robes are hand made. These goods are made of eco friendly materials and high quality fabric. Bows are decorated with Swarovski crystals. All of these products are individually made upon order, therefore allow us up to 6 weeks to process your order.

  • We work for best convenience.

These goods will help your pets to live in convenient environments. Everything what would make their life easy and comfortable.

Recommended For Your Breed.

“Thinning Line Knot Knot” is unique grooming tool exclusively made to create perfect and smooth top-knot of long haired.

“Thinning Line Knot Knot” is unique and patented grooming tool exclusively made by “Special One” (Italy) to create perfect and smooth top-knot of long haired breeds for the shows.  This tool gives an opportunity to make the top-knot on Maltese, Yolkie or Shi-Tzu less than for 10 min. This tool is easy operable even for the beginner.  “Thinning Line Knot Knot” designed to create a smooth puff at the base of top-knot, the only to roots of hair will be given a volume.  The tool does not cause hair breakage, damage or split ends, it makes very soft and strong hair thinning at the same time.  The top-knot made with “Thinning Line Knot Knot” does to require hair spray therefore it helps to comb the top-knot through, easily without breakage after the show.

“Thinning Line Knot Knot” is made of eco friendly, medical grade, stainless steel covered with thin ceramic film.

This revolutionary grooming tool is designed to contribute simplicity, quality and mobility for handlers, breeders and dogs before the ring and after.



Thinning Line Knot Knot from Special One.


“Special One” kit for treat pet’s skin abnormalities.

  1. Bio Energy Plus is an innovative and highly concentrated mask to be used before wash. Particularly, Bio Energy Plus is recommended for restoration, recovery and regeneration of any type of skin and coat. This product contains the intense and immediate effect of a beauty and healthy mask. Also it is recommended for hygienic treatment of skin and pet’s coat. Bio Energy Plus ideal to prepare skin and coat of pet for bio integration of hair growth, and for skin and coat protection from environmental influences or aggressive chemical treatment.
  1. Hydro Fluid is a professional product with strong hydrating and regenerating properties for pet’s coat. This product has been developed to wrap around of every hair of pet’s coat to supply and to repair damaged hair. It helps pet’s coat and skin of all breeds to protect from damaging environmental impacts, knots and keep moisture inside of hair. Hydro Fluid improves the structure of the hair, brightness and gives strength for a healthy growth. It helps to repair damaged hair and skin structures. Hydro Fluid is ideal for the regulation of moisture and health of the skin and hair. Its structure helps to keep and add needed nutrients inside of dog’s hair.
  1. Skin Care Pro contains sea bioactive substances; this product is hygienic shampoo to make skin and hair of pets healthy. Skin Care Pro is an oil-cleaning shampoo, which through impurities natural gentle cleans skin and coat. Active ingredients of vegetable origin make this hygienic shampoo to fight against all skin anomalies and harmful influence. Skin Care Pro soothes inflamed skin and reduces feeling of itching after the first application.


Special One.


Valentine’s Day Sales Event.

The Show Pet Corner is happy to announce Valentine’s Day Sale for four-legged champions.

Everything in store is 14 % off.

Purchases for $ 150.00 and over are eligible for free shipping (after discount applied).

Enjoy sales event the week before Valentine’s and the week after (from 02/07 through 02/21).

Coupon code: “VPET14”.



Valentine’s Sales.


“WamPum” cosmetics has arrived.

New shipment of “WamPum” products has arrived to the USA from South Africa for four-legged customers.  Our customer’s favorite products such as “Limited Edition Conditioner” and “Silk Spray Concentrate” had been backordered and now are ready to reach our furry champions.  All orders have been packed and shipped out already.  Popular and most used items “Fine Boric Acid Powder” and “Microfine Whitening Powder”  are back in stock.  Uniquely formulated “Whitening &Brightening Shampoo” and “Violet Rinse Concentrate” have arrived to the USA to make white coats of snowy coated pets even whiter and add pearly shine to every white coated breed.  Variety of coat oils and protein treatment are available for healthy hair.

These products have been established as a competitive and top-quality pet care with other companies and designed in the well known Maltese kennel “WamPum”. This line has been developed incrementally over a period of 15 years by Heidi Rolfes. All “WamPum” products are non-allergic, 100 % fragrance free.  “WamPum” cosmetic contains the only natural, human grade ingredients such as coconut oil, high-molecular protein, and silk protein. There is NO mineral oil and all products cruelty free. All shampoos and conditioners for pet’s hair care are the highest quality and created with the latest available, cutting-edge formula, in the world. The composition of cosmetics contains only the top quality, high-priced and safe components.

WamPum Premium Products.