Skincare Pro Shampoo, 1000 ml.


Skincare Pro is a treatment for delicate skin to oily composition. With surfactants of vegetable origin carries out a sanitizing formula which works against major abnormalities of pet’s skin.

May be used diluted with some parts water depends on skin conditions.

Can make up to 20 liters of ready to use product.

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Skincare Pro is a treatment for delicate skin to oily composition, with surfactants of vegetable origin carries out the sanitizing against major abnormalities of the skin. Skincare Pro calms irritated and itching skin. It is recommended for very sensitive and allergic skin, which needs frequent baths, for older dogs or puppies, for oily skin which unhealthy and bad smell, for very dry and dehydrated skin and hair, also this product helps to resolve dandruff problems. Its formula helps to restore natural balance of the dermis and coat, it is restoring the natural production of sebum. Skincare Pro does not alter coat textures and, if used regularly, creates a natural barrier that protects the animal from pest attacks.

Ingredients: Skincare Pro contains sea bio-derivatives and natural active ingredients (propolis, hydroxyl fruit and yeast extract). Propolis has many therapeutic purposes, bacteriostatic, bactericidal and has a strong antimicrobial power. This natural antiseptic allows to prevent the abnormal development of the bacterial flora which frequently accompanies the onset of skin abnormalities. Hydroxyl fruit increases cellular activity and favor the detachment of dead cells and regenerates new ones. The yeast extracts possess excellent properties conditioning and toning, and improves the integrity of the skin epidermal. The versatile composition of natural origin of Skincare Pro nourishes coat, makes it shiny and easy to comb.

Directions: Skincare Pro can be used diluted with some parts water. Dilution will vary depending the condition of coat and skin to be treated. Distribute on the hair by rubbing with care, massage a few minutes to let the product to take an action. Repeat the second time and rinse thoroughly.


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