“Golden” and “Elite Gold” Universal Grooming Shears.


Comfortable and ergonomic handles is created for effortless and long term working. Convex (Elite Gold) and bevel (Golden) blades are perfectly sharpened for long term usage.

Support point:  adjustable screw pin.

Material: Japanese steel “HITACHI 440C”, forged with differentiated processing, it allows to optimize the ratio between the high hardness of the cutting edge and increase an elasticity.

Blade: convex (Elite Gold)/bevel (Gold)

Blade Type: straight (Elite Gold and Gold)/curve (Elite Gold).

Handel Type: offset (Elite Gold)/classic (Golden)

Length: 8,5 in (Golden straight); 8,5 in (Elite Gold straight); 8,5 in (Elite Gold curve).

Made in Italy.

On backorder only. It may take up to 6 weeks for delivery.

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